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Carsten Grønbjerg Lützen

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I'm a Scrum Master and Engineer at LEGO System A/S with an MSc in Computer Science and a soft spot for Software Engineering and methodologies. Hence here is my take on different agile and plan-oriented methodologies and how we learn to use them effectively in our everyday life. Especially with an agile agenda.


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How to Use Jedi Tricks and OSKAR in Agile Teams

How can I use Jedi Mind Tricks as an agile coach to get better performing teams? I am heading down that road and so far I can only encourage you to tag along.

I had the great pleasure to attend AgiNext 2018. This is my second blog post on topics from Aginext.

Another one of the eye openers for me is how good coaching using clever questions and sound tools can play a big role in agile organizations.

I have never paid that much attention to the small details in our dialogue, but both Judy Rees, Roy Marriott and some other people really opened my eyes to that.

The Force is Strong in This One

I have never paid as much detail to what I'm actually saying before I was promised to learn the closest thing to a real life Jedi mind trick. It even involved the FBI. How could I say no to that offer?

The workshop was a series of three simple exercises where the overall goal was to keep a person talking for two minutes using really simple techniques. The fun fact about these exercises is that it is not really what you say as a listener that makes the difference if you ask me. The main difference is how you listen and direct attention.

Personally I sometimes drift of when listeing thinking of a fun anecdote I should share afterwards. But now I have some really good tools for pulling my thoughts together and keep focusing on the conversation actually taking place and not the stream of ideas in my own head.

Another nice side effect of these techniques is it can help the other part in a conversation realize things they were not aware of before.

So now I'm venturing into the land of [Clean Language] with this online course. So far I am starting to use it a bit just to try out how it can be applied for me in my everyday life.

Solution Focused Coaching

The next eye opener for me at the conference was Solution Focused Coaching. A really good model on how to help individuals and teams to focus on the positive in a given situation and creating babysteps on how to improve the situation.

There is a lot of details that needs to be in place, but the fundamental idea is help the individual to get see solutions themselves using a simple OSKAR model:

  • Outcome
  • Scaling
  • Know-how
  • Affirm and Action
  • Review

OSKAR Model (Source: “The Solutions Focus” Mark McKergow & Paul Z. Jackson, via Roy Marriott)

One of the really brilliant things in this models is the scaling. Going from completly unrealistic bad to unrealistic good to make sure we don't put KPI's, OKR's or other measures on them. And then make actionable items we can start to implement.

This idea of not focusing on the problem and why is that a problem then look into how did we get to this point and how can we improve it a bit is really something think can help me going forward.

So Where to Go From Here?

I will be putting a lot of effort into putting coaching back into agile coaching. It has opened my eyes a lot to what I need to learn and look into..

So Thursday I have been lucky enough to be able to attend a one-day conference on Solution Focused Team Coaching and then of course the online course on Clean Language.

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